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Introduction - The early years - Meeting Lil and going to war - After the War

Leslie Root's Life Story

Les Root died in 1998. Before he did he wrote about his time in the war, how he met Lillian Root and many other things that happened during his life. Granddad would have loved the Internet and would love to know that people are reading his life story. He spent so much time writing it in his last few years I sometimes think it helped him keep going. This version of his story has been re-typed and abridged by Pauline Martin (Les Roots Daughter and my Aunt). It was first uploaded to the web site on the 18th May 2000.

I'd love to hear what you think about these pages, contact me via my own site at I'd particularly like to hear from any other Rooties out there! , old friends of Granddads, or maybe you live in the house where he grew up...

Hope you enjoy reading it,

Steve Root


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